Frequently asked questions

  • I don’t have an Apple Watch, can I still use PODIUM?

    We use the Apple Watch (series 3 or 4) to gather data about your running performance. The Watch app is also where you see key metrics like step rate, power and pace as you run. Then once your workout is synced you will receive coaching feedback on the iPhone. If you only have an iPhone, you will be able to generate a training program, but your performance will not be tracked anywhere. We currently support iOS 12 and higher.

  • Is there an Android app?

    Yes, there is! Our Android version of PODIUM features in workout audio coaching plus the program generator found in our iOS version. Click here to head over to the Google Play Store to download PODIUM for Android.

  • Does PODIUM have in-workout or audio coaching?

    Currently, you will receive specific post-workout coaching in the iPhone app, based on your performance. In-workout and audio coaching is coming very soon! Keep an eye on Facebook to stay up to date.

  • How do I set my training zones?

    If you know your 5km race pace, you can set your zones in the app, under Profile > Pace & Stride Targets, otherwise we will prompt you with a tailored recommendation based on your running physiology.

  • I’m not sure how to navigate the Apple Watch!

    Look for the PODIUM icon on the Apple Watch and tap to open the app. You will be prompted to choose a workout type – if you have a training program make sure you select the workout type that matches (e.g. “Easy” or “Long”). In the Watch app you can swipe left to navigate to different screens, which have a hero metric such as Power, Distance, Step Rate and more. The next time you open the app, it will open on the screen you left it on.

  • My workout hasn’t synced – what should I do?

    Check your phone is connected to the internet or pull to refresh.

  • The app has frozen on ‘allow permissions’ screen – what do I do?

    You need to go into ‘Settings’ on your phone, find PODIUM in your apps, and make sure the “Never” option is not ticked under “Allow Location Access.”

  • How do I enable ‘Health Activity’/‘Motion Activity’/‘Location’?

    You will be prompted to provide PODIUM with these permissions when you first download the app. If you skip this step initially you can enable them at any time. Go into ‘Settings’ on your phone and find PODIUM in your app list. Ensure both ‘Motion & Fitness’ and ‘Location’ permissions are enabled. These permissions are required for use of the Apple Watch component, so you may encounter a block here if these have not been enabled.

  • What happens if I miss a workout in my program?

    Our programs are designed to accommodate life! We know unforeseen things can sometimes get in the way of training, that’s where our skip workout feature with automatic optimization of workouts is invaluable. You can skip workouts in your program if you miss them, and your program will adjust.

  • Why does my long day keep moving when I try to skip it?

    Your long training day is the most important of the week, therefore the automatic optimization of the program will try to help you fit in your long day if it is possible to still allow enough recovery time between other workouts.

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